Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya.

Are you looking for a web hosting company in Kenya that offers plans to fit your explicit requirements? If yes is your answer then here’s what you have been looking for quite some time now, your guide to top best-hosting companies for Kenya in 2021.

Here you’ll be able to search the hidden costs and service loopholes that you’ll have to be aware of together with options that you may opt to choose.

The following is the complete list of Kenya hosting companies :

  1. Acrab Web Hosting

Acrab web hosting is one of the topmost hosting companies in the ICT market, which was established in 2018, in Nakuru, Kenya who with his experience in UNIX systems administration launched this hosting service provider.

by Starting as a hobby, our business grew from a two-room office to one of the data centers with a group of best team members across the globe, providing free site transfers as to fall in love with their service.

we host millions of websites worldwide, targeting individuals, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and also professional developers, providing all the possible solutions according to their needs.

we have become popular due to its blazing fast web hosting solution, offering a fully scalable product line towards Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Server solutions.

Pricing & Plans

You can choose from the various shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting plans according to the need website requirements.

Shared Web Hosting Plan from Kshs. 500/p.aWordPress, Drupal, Joomla optimizedProvides Turbo ServersFree and easy site Migration
VPS Hosting Plan: from kshs. 3500/paAdvanced speed and securityMore IsolationFree Migration
Dedicated Hosting Plan: Kshs. 5500/paCustomized resource server and power Complete Isolation. Choose your management level

Key Features

Acrab Web hosting is one of the fastest lightening web hosting service providing you with the following key features:

  • Security: Maintaining the security of the website is the most important and assists in obtaining RapidSSL service or Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate. we as well provides you to block certain IP addresses to protect your site from malicious attacks.
  • Payment: we accepts several payment options like PayPal, Mpesa, Bank Transfer, Union pay and Credit cards(Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover). Check and money orders are as well accepted, you just require to mail them with the payment details.
  • Speed: The features are specially designed to make your site “fast streaming”. This hosting server is particularly known for its speed tested so far for last several years. Its speed is what keeps the visitors active and prevent them from losing the competition.
  • Customer Support: Along with the various articles available, there is a team of administrators to help you out.
    • Live chat to phone
    • Ticketing based issue
    • Live chat sessions

What we think about

at Acrab host we have been successful in providing one of the best hosting services to its customers.

  • Uptime and Speed: Downtown means loss of opportunities, but we provide you with a 24/7/365 support staff committing your site to be up for 99.9% of the time, providing a speed of 336ms of page load.
  • Support: we promise to provide you with 24/7 support either through the mail, chat through phone or live chat sessions without waiting for a response much longer.

Among all the other hosting service providers available in Kenya, Acrab host is by far the fastest service provider. we are ranked 10 among the top providers maintaining a good profile in the market. Most of our plan includes SSL and backups making it easier for the customers to work with.

2. Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts offer cheap web hosting services in Kenya in addition to being among the top email hosting providers in Kenya. They are as well among the well-known companies offering web design in the country and have built a solid reputation in regard to their services. 

3.  Truehost

Truehost offers the most reliable Web hosting services for small, medium, and large websites in Kenya. They do have affordable prices and all their Web Hosting includes free SSL Certificates. You can as well choose from a variety of web hosting platforms that they offer which include; Cpanel, Plesk, and Tpanel.

4. Safaricom Limited

is the leading telecommunication company in Kenya offering website hosting services and email services. The firm enjoys a vibrant loyal client base in the East African market. Safaricom email and website services enable customers to create and personalize their business domain addresses, business websites, and email addresses for their businesses. The former services are now more accessible through an array of free automated website builders.

4. Sasahost Limited

Sasahost Limited is a private Information Technology company that was incorporated in Kenya in 2009. They have extensive experience in the web hosting industry, offering secure and professional services both to direct customers and resellers. In addition to Web Hosting Services, they as well offer Domain name services.

5. HostPinnacle Kenya

is one of the fastest-growing ICT solutions providers in the East Africa region. they handled thousands of clients worldwide and we remain passionate and innovative about what we do. When you select to host your website with HostPinnacle, you are select to fly through the internet with a powerful network of state-of-the-art dedicated servers that have powerful CPUs and are located at very secure data centers. All data across all servers are stored on RAID arrays, this protects client data from ever going offline due to a failed hard drive.

6. Safaricom Web hosting

Safaricom Limited kenya is the leading telecommunication company offering website hosting services and email services. The firm enjoys a vibrant loyal client base in the kenya market. Safaricom email and website services enable customers to create and personalize their business domain addresses, business websites, and email addresses for their businesses. The former services are now more accessible through an array of free automated website builders.

When and why choose an Acrab web hosting company?

This is one question that most of us ask, especially when we are set to launch our first website. Since Kenyan hosting counterparts and fast expanding, it has become essential to address the underlying question. The following points look over the aspects that you should consider while evaluating top web hosting companies in Kenya 2020:

  • If your site is targeting Kenya, then having your site hosted on Acrab Host server will reduce latency time allowing people to load the site and other files quickly in comparison to foreign hosts.
  • Having your site hosted on Acrab host server, while targeting Acrab host, will give your SEO benefits as your site would rank better when hosted locally
  • While operating the website from acrab host, you’ll be in a better position to quickly access your Cpanel, emails, etc. when hosting the site on Indian servers
  • If you’re operating or targeting Kenya customers, choose to host your site on Acrab Host server for quick assistance in local language via toll-free numbers and a bridge technical communication gap

In the End

when Choosing a web host for your company may seem to be a daunting task, but with several review platforms and social media customer feedback, the task has become somewhat easy. Keep the above points in mind while assessing the hosting companies, and you are sure to chuck off the frauds and enjoy first-rate hosting services.

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